How To Know a Bleaching Cream and Soap

Bleaching cream and soap

Bleaching Cream and Soap are specifically made with chemicals that are meant to suppress melanin production. Melanin is responsible for the dark pigment on our skin and it is more present on the skin of black people.

Melanin helps to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. Even people with a fair skin complexion have it, but it’s not much on their skin. Albinos are the only people who don’t have melanin pigments naturally. Which is why they are adversely affected by exposure to sunlight.

Whenever you rub those chemicals called bleaching creams on your skin, melanin becomes suppressed and then you appear whiter and your skin become sensitive. That’s why when you enter under the sun, you get burning sensations that leads to sunburn.

For those people who understands the game, they try as much as possible to either stay out of the sun or use a good sunscreen whenever they are going out. While others only apply it at night.

The thing is; once you stop bleaching, those melanin that has been suppressed in your skin for long will come rushing back to the surface of your skin, thereby giving you back all those melanins you have rejected by force all these while, hence you become darker and that is simply called factory reset of your complexion.

Most people don’t know that whatever that you use on your skin enters into your blood stream through your pores and is circulated into your internal organs. So apart from the side effects it has on your external body, the chemicals can as well damage your organs with prolong usage.

These manufacturers hide behind words like dark spots corrector, even-tone, clarifying, 7 days fast action, exfoliating, lightening, brightening and instant whitening to sell bleaching products.

When people say they are trying to get rid of pimples and dark spots or have an even, glowing or brighter skin, a lighter skin complexion is always the result. So the effect they have on the skin and the ingredients used to make them is how you can differentiate a natural lotion from a bleaching cream which usually works very fast.

Some ingredients will solve your skin problems and give you a visibly lighter complexion without damaging your skin. But a bleached skin can never be compared to a healthy glowing natural skin without any negative adverse side effects.

The simplest way to know the skincare product you bought is a bleaching cream and soap is if it contains any of these ingredients; hydroquinone, mercury, cystamine, kojic acid or corticosteroid.

No matter what the name of the bleaching cream and soap is or its description, as long as it has any of the above ingredients, you can be rest assured that it will bleach your complexion.

They are other lightening agents like alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), ascorbic acid, hydrogen peroxide and retinol that should be used sparingly and discontinued within a short time.

Hydroquinone is the leading cause of sunburn and it is a very stubborn skin problem that takes forever to go away even with treatment. While mercury poisoning can cause kidney failure, memory loss, photosensitivity and high blood pressure. Also, using corticosteroids products can lead to big painful acne in parts of your body and your face and it thins your skin very fast too.

Using bleaching cream and soap for a long time or as your permanent skincare products and as a part of your everyday routine is very bad and the consequences are better imagined than for it to be experienced. So because it’s still working for you and making you glow does not mean it is good. It is better you change to mild skincare products now that you can before it is too late.

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