Anti Pimples Soap

Anti Pimples Soap Review

Anti Pimples Soap is a very good soap which is famous for its effectiveness in drying out your pimples fast. It gets rid of stubborn acne, clears the scars and …

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Stay Young Black Soap

Stay Young Black Soap Review

Stay Young Black Soap is an all-natural soap made from palm kernel oil, coconut oil, and plantain peel ash. The main ingredient, plantain peel ash, contain antioxidants and natural exfoliants …

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Gold Olive Lotion

Gold Olive Cream Review

Gold Olive Cream is a very strong bleaching lotion being marketed as totally natural and hydroquinone free. Anyone who have used this lotion can testify that everything written on the …

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Omega Super Clear Lotion

Omega Super Clear Lotion Review

Omega Super Clear Lotion is a good lotion for the body that is very effective. Also, it works for all skin types and doesn’t have any side effects. This lotion …

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JRA Cosmetics Body Cream

JRA Cosmetics Body Cream Review

JRA Cosmetics Body Cream is a rich, hydrating cream perfect for dry, sensitive skin. It is a cream that gets rid of dark spots and skin problems like acne, pimples, …

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JRA Organic Black Soap

JRA Organic Black Soap Review

JRA Organic Black Soap is a handcrafted beauty product made from coconut oil and plantain peel ash. This all natural cleanser has been used for centuries in west africa to …

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Stay Young Body Lotion

Stay Young Body Lotion Review

Stay Young Body Lotion is a luxurious cream formulated to brighten, soften, and moisturize your skin. This lotion contains natural lightening agents like kojic acid to help fade age spots, …

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Joy Black Soap

Joy Black Soap Review

Joy Black Soap release came as a surprise to many because the brand is no longer as popular as way back and they are known for normal bar soaps that …

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