8 Ways To Know If a Cream Contains Hydroquinone

How to know if a cream contains hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a very potent and aromatic organic compound that is a type of phenol, a derivative of benzene, having the chemical formula C₆H₄(OH)₂. It has merits and demerit.

It increases the risk of skin cancer and can cause fatal liver damage. HQ is the leading cause of kidney diseases in females as it is carried all over the body through our blood.

HQ is genotoxic and can induce DNA damage in blood cells. It is also transported to the bone marrow where it is converted to benzoquinone.

Apart from cancer and kidney failure, they are 20 other side effects of hydroquinone that can be caused by either prolong usage of it or abuse.

Some of these side effects are permanent and you will spend the rest of your life trying to get rid of them. So if I were you, I will quickly check my cream or lotion to see if it contains this HQ.

Here are 8 sure ways on how you can be able to detect hydroquinone in your cream by yourself.

1: Put some quantity of the cream on top of a tetmosol soap or any other bar soap and leave it for 20 minutes. If the area you applied the cream on top of the soap turns to brown, then know that it contains HQ or another bleaching agent.

2: Put some of the cream in a small plate and add hypo or jik to it then stir together for like 5 minutes. The mixture will turn to brown within that duration if it truly contains hydroquinone.

3: Pour out a little quantity of your lotion in a small cover and leave it open at the window side for 2 days. If the cream turns to brown within that time, just know your cream contains HQ.

4: A skincare product with hydroquinone will lighten your skin within a week, a naturally made cream can never do that except you promix it.

5: If you are using a cream with hydroquinone in it, at some point you will start having either dark knuckles, stretch marks, green veins, sunburn, eczema, white spots, pimples, discoloration, redness, etc. Some people who are allergic to hydroquinone gets itchiness all over their body.

6: Hydroquinone products sometimes gives a burning sensation when applied especially if it is your first time of using it or if you’ve a sensitive skin. You will feel pepperish or hot after rubbing.

7: Another way to know if a product contains hydroquinone is the scent. HQ skincare products usually have an awful or strong smell that stinks and can even choke you if you inhale it suddenly.

8: Another way to know a product contains hydroquinone is if the manufacturer writes; “Product may change color but this does not affect its efficacy in anyway.” This is indirectly telling you that this product contains HQ in it.

So If I were you, I will quickly run any of these free and easy to do test at home to see if the skincare product I am using contains HQ in it.

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