White Secret Cream Review: What Nobody Is Telling You

White Secret Body Lotion

White Secret Body Lotion is a wonder working cream that will turn you into an albino in two weeks if you follow the instruction written on the container to use it twice daily. If you are looking for overnight skin lightening, search no more.

This strong whitening lotion is manufactured in Lome, Togo. White secret cream is produced by the very popular Rodis brand, a company that has been around for over two decades now.

It is sold both as a single product or as part of the complete range which consist of the body lotion, a face cream, shower gel, soap, oil and serum. It comes in 200ml, 300ml and 500ml.

This lotion works very fast in whitening the skin and it is relatively cheap when compared to other effective bleaching creams. White secret has a very strong smell and can change colour.

I personally found out about white secret body lotion while discussing with a woman I met in the hospital where I was admitted. We were talking about skincare products and I mentioned to her that I want to change my body cream because it is now very scarce in the market.

The woman now went into her husband’s admission room and came back with white secret cream and introduced it to me. She told me her customer who sells skin care products recommended it to her for the treatment of her sunburns. But she advised her to discontinue using it after the sunburns clears up completely.

This woman has the worst sunburns I have ever seen. Her sunburns is dark brown and is so visible because she’s very fair in complexion. She emphasized that the lotion is very good because it has been able to fade her sunburns.

She said if I see her sunburns before; that it was dark not brown. She told me it also brightened up her skin tone, so she thinks it will be good for me. The woman is very light skin and her skin complexion is beautiful. So after all the hyping, I was now convinced and decided to give it a try.

I bought the lotion after being discharged from the hospital and I used it daily for one month on my face and body and this is my honest review about this wonderful white secret body lotion.

This lotion made me 2 shades lighter in just two weeks of using it once a day and also cleared the dark spots on my face and the blemishes on my body. But guess what; it gave me white spots all over my body, dark circles under my eyes, it made my knuckles really dark. It also made my palms and fingernails very red, dry and hard.

At this point, I became confused on what went wrong and I started making research about the cream to find out why am experiencing all this side effects and what I can possibly do about it.

So according to other people’s reviews; white secret body lotion also gives stretch marks, green veins and discoloration of the skin. It also thins the skin and makes it reddish at any slight provocation at all. Other users who went out in the sun while using the body cream, got burnt.

After seeing all the bad reviews from users about the body lotion, I decided to dilute the cream with shea butter to enable me finish it since I bought the biggest size which is 500ml.

So if you want to try out white secret body lotion and find out for yourself; I’ll advise you to avoid sunlight while using it or use it only at night. You can simply dilute the cream with shea butter or some other natural oil to prevent adverse effect.

I highly recommend this cream with white secret soap and white secret face cream together. The combination will give you a luminous, youthful looking, flawless and beautiful skin complexion.

You can also try caro white cream, fair and white cream or carotone body lotion as alternative.

White Secret Cream Ingredients:

Vaseline Oil, Carrot Oil, SIlicone Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Stearic Acid, Vitamin E and A, AHA, BHT, Isopropyl Myristate, Lorol c16, Lorol c18, Aqua and Fragrance.

White Secret Lotion Benefits:

1: It whitens the skin
2: It lightens the skin
3: It brightens the skin
4: It removes dark spots
5: It clears dark underarms

White Secret Cream Side Effects:

1: It makes the skin thin
2: It makes the palms red
3: It makes the fingernails red
4: It gives some people green veins
5: It makes the skin prone to redness
6: It gives some people stretch marks
7: It gives some people dark knuckles
8: It gives some people white blotches
9: It gives some people skin discoloration
10: It gives some people dark circles under eyes

Can I Use White Secret Lotion On My Face?

Yes, you can use it on your face.

Is White Secret Lotion a Bleaching Cream?

Yes, white secret is a bleaching cream.

Does White Secret Cream Cause Stretch Marks?

Yes, it gives some people stretch marks.

Does White Secret Body Lotion Contain hydroquinone?

I think white secret contains hydroquinone even though it is not written on the list of ingredients.

How Good Is White Secret Cream:

White secret is a very good cream that would clear your skin and make your complexion glow.

How To Use White Secret Lotion:

Pump out some amount of the lotion on your palm and gently massage it all over your body until it is completely absorbed into your skin.

White Secret Lotion Price In Nigeria:

It cost N1700 in markets and cosmetics shops.

White Secret Lotion Price In Ghana:

It cost GH₵ 20 in markets and cosmetics shops.

White Secret Lotion Price In Kenya:

It goes for 1,800 KSh in cosmetics shops.

White Secret Lotion Price In Tanzania:

It goes for Tsh:18000 in cosmetics shops.

Where To Buy White Secret Cream:

You can buy the original cream online from trusted vendors either on Jumia or on Konga.

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59 thoughts on “White Secret Cream Review: What Nobody Is Telling You”

  1. Please guys don’t use lotion on your face
    Please use white secret cream on face not lotion
    And also use white secret serum to make your skin uniform
    I bet you
    You will not experience any adverse effects
    If you experience white patches and acne’s use the cream plus serum and I bet you within a week you’ll smile all through with a unified complexion

  2. Started using the face cream on my face and so far I am loving my face..it’s smoother now than ever…of course with a good face cleanser….

    To buy original always make sure you scan the barcode with your phone….

    So many fakes in the market

  3. Well…what I see is that Togo products or whatever is now worst in the market,that’s how white secret/this so called clinic clear spoil my skin.I don’t even know what to use or buy again,I’ve really waste money on cream but I’m not getting a good result,it darkens my skin more,I’m thinking of meeting a dermatologist but they’re scarce in my country here(Nig).😥😥

  4. Hi, i used this lotion but its nothing to write home about and i have discolouration of skin complexion,dark eye circles, facial dark sports and pimples nd my face been darker than my body though m not naturally fair without dark feet or knuckles nd face buh i desire to buh keep failing i saw u recommend skin magnet nd extract cream nd soap but to be on a safe side what lotion and soap should i use ma i need help God bless u ma

  5. Hi..

    I just want to start using it because a friend just prescribed it for me and told me that it’s good and I should try it

    I was very fair since wen I was a child but as m growing up I realize that m getting dark
    I thought twas because of the sun but I know that I don’t usually stay in the sun..though m not a kid anymore and I’ve never applied cream on my body b4

    So pls should I start with this cream?

  6. White secret cream damaged my skin
    Gave me knuckles and discoloration
    My skin was okay before I started using it but now my skin has damaged
    Please what can I use to correct the effect??
    It gave me pimples on my face I’ve always had a smooth skin before white secret

  7. This admin really need a big hug.
    I used only white secret soap and in 3 days I got the white spots on the back of my neck, and my jaw all around my mouth. At first I thought it was eczema. So I continued using the soap and eczema treatment cream yet no improvement. Google search brought me to this place and I switched to Extract soap and lotion after reading all the reviews. And I’m loving my complexion right now. God bless you for all you do. #ADMIN

  8. White secret is gud on my skin an it didn’t give any pinple and so on effect on my body eccept my fingernails that got red but not all of it. I remember when i used carowhite or tone it gave me raches,pinple an strech mark on my body up 2day the strech mark is still on my armpit (hahaha). i advise, u use the white secret 3 times a month. But 1 tin is if the lotion stay in the hous 1 month an 2wk it won’t be that tick it wil be lyt lyk a lytiy baking pap so u need to buy the smaller size or midium size, people also cheach on the colom. cheach under the lotion numbers is writing there, the colom numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,17,22 are the best use them an see the action.

  9. Well I’ve been using white secret since March 2020(after carotone dealt with my skin)till date and I don’t think I’ve experienced any of the downsides stated above except the white stuffs though but it was at my back. Although I never used to rub the cream regularly maybe like 3/4times in a week. But of recent I decided to consistently rub it every night after a proper bath and the result has been beautifulll.. Although I’m currently have dark knuckles and knees issues which I’m still trying to find a solution for.. But above all I love the cream🥰❤️.. And yeah I also use extract soap alongside the cream 👌🏻👌🏻

    • though the cream is very good when using extract soap. But the side effect i know for using the both is, it will give you more dark knuckles as you have said

    • I have no problem and I look very beautiful younger than my age,anyway I always mix white secrate cream with glycerine and nice and lovely lotion,doesn’t make me too brown,my skin are smooth and lovely everyone admired.Therefore,white secrate is the best cream have ever got.

  10. White secret is good when you don’t apply it daily… You use it as well as using the petroleum jelly. But it does bring dark knuckles when applied on fingers without mixing it with petroleum jelly

    • Hi l used this cream and it made my face very red and has given me bad marks on my face and the white spots are all over my body. Also it has given me the worse stretch marks on arms inside thighs and my belly is darker. My skin feels nice and soft.

  11. I got some of this reactions mentioned above when I was still using white secret..thank God I stop & started using Klleral clear which has been working well for me since then

  12. I have been using white secret since 4yrs now and I have those side effects red palm, skin prone, dark knuckles and i also have white blotches on my face….please what cream should i use after I stop white secret

  13. Please I’m dark in complexion and I have dark circle under my eyes…please which would be the best cream for me to use that will lightens my skin and clear up the dark circle under my eyes with no side effects….please I need advise🙏…Thanks

  14. I do not see all these reactions when I used mine.
    LoL, I’m one of the few people it didn’t give bad reactions to
    Actually, I love the lotion and would always remember it
    It saved me from that deadly cream, Gold Skin, which caused pimples outbreak on me and rubbished my skin
    I switched to white secret and it cleared it all for me. It saved my face, made it smoother.
    It was good to me and didn’t bleach me

    Considering going back to it.

  15. I just bought this cream recently because the one I used has become scarce in the market.

    But the kind of reviews I’m seeing so far about this White secret cream is scaring me open it, not to talk of applying it on my skin..🤦

  16. The best way to use white secret cream is by using it at night and after a warm bath… even the dark knuckles won’t be there… although i noticed the redness of the fingernails but you can stop using it for a while after two weeks and start again later… that’s my experience.

  17. Can i be using white secret of my face the caro white for the rest of my body?The reason is because carowhite clog pores while white secret doesnt.

  18. All this are true about white secret because I once use it but I stop it bcoz it makes me thin and my veins are green. I love white secret, I will advice not to use it on sunny day


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