Lotion Peau De Lune Cleanser

Lotion Peau De Lune Review

Lotion Peau De Lune Cleanser is a potent face cleanser that clears stubborn acne, dark spots, sunburns, pimples, blemishes, freckles, rashes, white spots, wrinkles and also lightens the skin. It …

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Egg yolk face cream

Egg Yolk Face Cream Review

Egg Yolk Face Cream is a natural moisturiser that gradually lightens your skin and clears dark spots from your face. It tightens and closes your pores, giving you a baby …

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Nature Secret Face Cream

Nature Secret Face Cream Review

Nature Secret Face Cream is made with natural ingredients to lighten your skin, clear dark spots, moisturises and protects it against dryness. It also softens, smoothen and refreshes your face. …

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Maxi Light Beauty Soap

Maxi Light Soap Review: A Must Read

Maxi Light Beauty Soap is an organic lightening soap that is suitable for every skin type and skin tone. It contains effective ingredients that works fast in clearing up your …

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Perfect white lightening soap

Perfect White Soap Review

Perfect White Lightening Soap is a brightening soap that deep cleanses the skin of impurities, dirts and excess oil. It is very good in clearing all pimples and dark spots …

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