Carotone Serum Review

Carotone Brightening Oil

Carotone Brightening Serum is a good oil rich in carrot extract which helps to replenish, nourish and moisturize damaged skin. This serum gets rid of any blemishes and spots from your skin.

It gives you a clearer, smooth and unified skin. This oil clears acne and pimples, gets rid of dark knuckles, dark elbows, knees and feet. It also softens and hydrates your skin. Giving you a brighter and more enhanced skin complexion.

There was a couple in my compound that were using carotone brightening serum together. They love doing things together and so they thought that they can also use the same skincare products, after all; the oil is for male and female, so both gender used it.

What they did not know is that skin differs and what works for the husband might not work for the wife. After using the oil for a while, the husband was glowing and had a clearer skin but the wife was having a darker skin and knuckles.

She had to stop using carotone brightening serum and look for another product to use. I explained to her that a product giving you side effects doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad or that you actually bought the fake one.

Most of these products are being marketed as suitable for all skin types but it is just a strategy to get more customers from the general public without any exception of race, gender or color.

That is why; some producers make varieties of their products to suit different skin types and colors. They are products that is good for only fair people and would damage a black skin.

Just like carotone brightening serum; there are products that are good for oily skin people to dry out their pimples but that same product would be very bad on someone with dry skin because it would definitely irritate their skin and cause them itchiness or excessive dryness.

The importance of knowing your skin type cannot be overemphasized. Most people can only differentiate between skin colors but they do not even know their own skin type not to talk of being able to detect the skin type of others.

We have five different types of skin, which are; oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin and combination skin type. The most problematic skin type are oily and sensitive. These ones are prone to pimples and easily react to products.

Combination skin type is also problematic because it can be oily + sensitive, normal + dry skin or any other 2 or more combined together. For example; I personally have a combination skin type for my face; which is oily + sensitive while the rest of my body is normal skin type.

So one person can have 1 or more skin type on different parts of their body. Some people have dry skin on their legs while their face is normal. Others have normal face but oily skin on their body and they suffer from constant body acne.

I know this topic is a bit confusing and many people have always thought that 1 person can only have 1 skin type but that is a misconception. That is why I have taken my time to explain it in details with simple examples, so that everyone can be able to understand and also learn the difference.

After knowing your different skin types, you can then decide the type of face cream, body lotion, soap, serum, scrub, lightening oils and any other skincare products that would be suitable for you.

Trust me; knowing your skin type is the first step to solving any kind of skin problems you have been suffering from. Products that cure pimples for oily skin can even worsen the situation for a sensitive skin person or combination skin type person.

So be careful how you just ask people what they are using to shine and then you just go ahead to buy it because you can afford it and then just start using the said product. You will be doing yourself more harm than good in the long run.

Understand that; not all products are designed for everyone and everyone can’t get the same result using the same product because alot of factors like age, season of the year, environment, hormones and personal lifestyle which includes what you eat and what you don’t, how long you sleep, how often you bath and wash your face, how long you stay in the sun and so much more.

So resist the temptation of thinking that you can look like your favorite celebrity if only you can find out the type of skincare products they use. It doesn’t work that way and alot of things like lifestyle changes and exercises matters alot when it comes to having a flawless healthy skin.

I highly recommend carotone brightening serum to anyone who wants to brighten up their dull looking skin to make it glow and look beautiful. This serum will make your skin lively and fresh.

You can also try caro white oil, maxi white serum or white perfect vitamin c serum as alternative.

Carotone Brightening Oil Ingredients;

Aqua, Stearic Acid, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, Ascorbic Acid, Allantoin, Collagen, Polysorbate 60, Sodium Sulfite, Methylparaben, UVA, UVB, BHT, Carrot Oil and Fragrance.

Carotone Serum Side Effects;

• It gives some people pimples
• It gives some people dark spots
• It gives some people dark knuckles

Carotone Oil Benefits;

1: It brightens the skin
2: It unifies the skin tone
3: It gets rid of blemishes
4: It makes the skin smooth
5: It clears acne and pimples

Does Carotone Serum Contain Hydroquinone?

Yes, it contains hydroquinone.

How Good Is Carotone Oil:

It is one of the best whitening serums out there for lightening and brightening of your skin fast.

How To Apply Carotone Serum:

Pour a few drops of the carotone brightening oil into your palm and apply on your skin. Gently rub it into your skin until everything is fully absorbed.

Carotone Oil Price In Nigeria:

It cost N1000 in markets and cosmetics shops.

Where To Buy Carotone Brightening Oil:

You can buy the original cream online from trusted vendors either on Jumia or on Konga.

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